Mobile Locker™ is an iPad app for business promotions, demonstrations, eDetails, sales aids, corporate training materials, and conference booth apps inside or outside the office.

Mobile Locker puts all aspects of your business presentations in your hands. Customize the interface to reflect your brand or company and then create, manage update, and distribute your presentations with ease. You're not immobile; your office shouldn't be either.

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No need to build your own app! To distribute a presentation to your team through Mobile Locker, you just upload it to the Client Portal and it is immediately available to your team.

One App

Everything in one place

Stop sending presentations out as email attachments. With Mobile Locker, all of your presentation are in one iPad app.

Custom Branding

Custom Branding

You can customize Mobile Locker's interface so it looks like your company or brand.

Automatic syncing

Automatic syncing

Mobile Locker checks for updates each time it starts and only downloads changes so a presentation will never be out-of-date.

Easy to create and edit presentations

Easy to Build

Create and edit presentations in HTML5. You can do it yourself or hire developers to build these presentations (including us, inVentiv Digital).

Works without an internet connection

Works Completely Offline

Once a presentation is downloaded it will work without internet connectivity. You don't have to worry about videos stuttering or buffering. This is critical if an employee is traveling or doesn't have the 3G iPad.


Surveys, Polls, Questionnaires, Forms

Your presentations can include surveys, polls, questionnaires, or any other type of form (It's a standard HTML <form>). When Mobile Locker syncs, each response is sent to the Client Portal and can be reviewed there or exported to Excel or XML. This is great for capturing customer contact information, newsletter opt-ins, etc.


Interactive and powerful presentations

HTML5 allows for much livelier presentations than PowerPoints, PDFs, or Keynote; presentations look and function like native iPad apps and can include videos, animations, PDF files, images, and more.

Real-time analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Mobile Locker can track how a user navigates through each presentation. This "clickstream" data is automatically sent to the Client Portal, where you can analyze it, or export it to Excel or XML through the API.

Google Analytics is built in

Integrated Google Analytics

Do you need to know if a particular part of your presentation is effective? Mobile Locker integrates Google Analytics to capture how each presentation is performing, so you can view powerful dashboards and reports, just like a website.

Flexible permissions

Flexible Permissions

You control the account settings of your Mobile Locker users and can easily configure permissions and privileges for your entire organization, a team, or an individual.

  • Manage users, groups, and access permissions through the Client Portal
  • Role-based access controls - Control who can access each presentation
Mobile Locker is secure.

Enterprise Security

Mobile Locker is secure. The connection to the Mobile Locker cloud is encrypted with 256-bit SSL. If an employee leaves your company or the iPad is lost or stolen, the employee's Mobile Locker account can be immediately terminated and the presentations will be removed from the iPad.

It is ready for the enterprise


  • Active Directory/LDAP integration is available to leverage your existing user management systems
  • APIs available to manage users and groups, and export presentation clickstream data.

Mobile Locker is CRM-Agnostic

Does your company have a Customer Relationship Management System? Great! The Mobile Locker API can feed data into it, and we don't care which one it is.